A downloadable Wonderful Outjinxers

According to the UGC 2020 theme, we decided to work on the following concepts :

Duo - Alterity - Cooperation

The Wonderful Outjinxers and the Curious Case of the Stolen Snakes

Hannah and Violette have seen it all. 

They found the aliens hidden amongst the school’s staff. They conquered the Mystery of the Unsolved Equation. They even had a part in that one school play.

Violette’s the best private eye this side of the playground, and Hannah’s got the gift of clear sight from a talking rabbit. 

They’re The Wonderful Outjinxers: they’ll play you like you play marbles.

And as luck would have it, this wretched school needs them once more: everyone’s favorite pet snakes have been abducted!

 It’s way worse than Jorge’s choco-cartel usual protection racket, the rampant cookie theft or the allegations of rigged snail races. 

This time, lives are on the line.

And where one wouldn’t, TWO will make a difference!

We are using the Ink plugin for Unity :


Here is The Almighteam :


Windows_Version_0.9 37 MB

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