A downloadable Sand-Boxe for Windows and macOS

Only one can prevail... But they are two.

 Marcus, genius of evil, and Violette, Shaolin warrior.

They have the power to build castles, to crush their foes with a water gun, and to put their head into a bucket. More precisely, to put a bucket on their head.

 Who will win ? Who will rule the sandbox ?...


Sand-Boxe is a versus fighter. You can choose between two characters : Violette and Marcus. They can attack with foot/kick combos, charged special attack, or use the items you can find on the ground. 

The game is playable on Windows or Mac. 

How to play  -

- On the same device :

Get 2 controllers. You can use Switch controller, Xbox controller or any generic controllers. JoyCons are not supported.

- On two different devices :

Get Parsec and a controller for each device. Connect to Parsec and launch the game. 



Project Manager

Pierre Aceituno
character rig

UX/UI Manager

Valentin Posadas website

Game Designer

Julia Clément
Eva Rebillat


Brice Cornuau
 Simon Rozec

Composer/Sound Designer

Yann Imbert

Game Artist

Solène Pobelle
environnement, character retopology, marcus concept
Noémie Verstraeten  
character sculpt/UV/texture/animation, violette & environnement concept

Special Guests

Olivia Aceituno as Violette
Victor Posadas as Marcus


SandBoxeV1.0.zip 297 MB
Sandboxe-V1.app-20201215T012655Z-001.zip 309 MB


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