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Duck-tective is a comedy-filled investigation game in which you play as three ducks stacked under a trenchcoat. Why? Because you're trying to stay incognito. Investigate in crime scenes, solve puzzles and clumsily find your way to the clues while remaining hidden from the humans. Try not to fall and everything should be fine! Easy, right? Right?

Create your own hypothesis and understand what happened ; be careful, the game will not tell you if you're right or wrong. As long as what you state makes sense nothing will stop you from following a false track.

 The year is 20-quack-quack. Birds have a whole hidden society, unbeknownst to the humans. For the very first time in history, a bird killed a human, this threatens the birds society. As such, the bird police recruited the best team they could find!

Becky is a young investigation journalist. Although she is quite unexperienced, her deduction skills will be put to the test in this very unique case.

Barry is an old dog from the bird police, the best cop in town. He doesn't like to mess around too much: investigations should be quick and witty.

Buck is... well Buck ; the chief's son. He's there because there had to be someone else right?

Together, they will have to understand what happened to that human.

Duck-tective is a demo made by a team of 9 students over 2 months. Although it is currently very barebones, we enjoyed making it and would love to make more! The story of Becky and the birds will someday be told!


Duck-tective Win64.zip 801 MB


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Reminds me of my PS2 games! Very good!